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Welcome to the Family,
welcome to dyna

Who Are We?

Dynafit isn't just a gym, it's a family that's bonded by the love of showing up for yourself, and those around you. We're fun loving and always ready to put in the hard work!


We're extremely community minded, and aim to make a positive impact everyday.

For over 35 years, Dynafit University has been the centre of health and fitness in the Listowel area. We later expanded to Harriston,ON bringing another 24/7 access gym to the Minto community.


We take everyone's goals seriously, including our youngest athletes, our "staying strong" parents, our active retirees and our 90 year old's who just want to "keep the body moving!"

Everyone who wishes to build and maintain their strongest, most mobile body is welcome and belongs at dynafit.


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