"My fitness journey started in a very dark point in my life. My baby had just been diagnosed with a rare syndrome and I had been in a volatile relationship for years. I was broken, afraid and had no idea who I was at my core. Years of hearing I wasn't enough, had me believing it. I was being driven into a very lonely, frightening, isolated place. A moment of bravery had me agree to start a beginner's running program with a friend. I so admired her feisty, take life by the horns approach. That journey to 5km was so much more than exercise.  I learned to push outside my comfort zone, I watched my confidence soar and my mental health benefited! I began to have clarity about the reality of my toxic marriage and realized I was enough!!! I was good enough, strong enough... I was enough!!! I deserved to feel strong, loved and respected. I walked away from that place and have never looked back. 

I know without a doubt that running saved my life. My family lived in fear of getting a call saying I was hurt or dead. My family doctor was afraid that my high blood pressure/plummeting body weight would cause a very early death. My transformation through running and exercise was a gift and it's a debt I'd like to repay by helping to build up other women. Strong women change communities and bless their families for generations to follow. We have the power to change our circumstances if we can take that first small, brave step. As I started running, we would break up the tough sections into smaller chunks by saying "one more fence post." This has become my life mantra and is tattooed on my body. No matter how hard things look, if you can get through that first fence post amazing things will follow. I'm holding out my hand and saying "trust me. Let's set out to conquer fence posts together!" -Lyn Veitch, Sponsorship Founder

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