Kick off your 2018 fitness goals with a BANG! This challenge has been tested to get MAJOR results. Our last group was highly successful losing an average of 6% of their body weight and inches. 90% of the challengers met their challenge goal. 

"What a transformational time. I am eating healthier, making positive choices, working out more often and just all around feeling better. Thanks to Dynafit Listowel - Dynamic Fitness and all the members of my team that have supported, pushed, challenged and been there."

"A big shout out to my Dfit Team and trainers for helping me on my healthy journey! My final weigh in I lost 9lbs and 10i nches total!!!! I’m so proud of myself!"

Next Challenge

Begins January 8th, 2018
10 weeks long
Ends March 16th, 2018

Members- $200
Non-members $300
includes 10 week gym membership

How it works:
- Choose your team leaders (Lyn or Cory)
- Choose your group PT time (see below for options, more will be added if required)
- Attend our weekly group PT sessions, follow your program and get results!

*Winning Team will be determined by highest % of weight and inches lost, as well as points for attendance to registered group sessions.*

Team Cory

6:00 AM***FULL***
3:15 PM
5:00 PM
7:00 PM

Team Lyn

6:45 AM
10:00 AM ***FULL***
5:15 PM
8:00 PM **FULL**