Workout Challenge Wednesday Contest!

Workout Challenge Wednesday Contest!

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From now until the end of the year, we will be posting weekly workout challenges for YOU to try! Each Wednesday, Denver and Ali will pick a new workout challenge to attempt, share the video & results and we wanna see you give it your best shot!

For every challenge that you try, you will be given one entry for your chance to win a dynafit favorite's prize pack! Valued at over $300, this prize pack includes two personal training sessions, various supplements, a shaker cup and protein bars!

Have a challenge you want to see us try? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


Your workout challenge attempt must be witnessed by a staff member and then you will be given a ballot. Challenges can be completed at any time, from now up until December 24th, and the draw will be done in the first week of January. The more challenges you complete, the more entries you will have!


October 3rd: Cha Cha Slide Plank Challenge

“Dance” to the cha cha slide, while staying in an upright plank. Try to keep your core as tight as possible during the full song. Trust us, you’ll be feeling weak by the end…

To watch our attempt, click here. For a reference video, click here.

October 10th: Spell Your Name Challenge

Follow the chart below to create your workout. You must use your full name - no cheating! Check out our attempts on our Facebook page.


October 17th: Sally Up Push Up Challenge

Complete push ups to the song “Flower” by Moby - when the song says “bring Sally up” you go into the up portion of a push up, and when the song says “bring Sally down” you go into the down portion of the push up. Try to not let your stomach hit the ground and stay as strong and tight as possible.

Click here to watch our attempt, and click here for a reference video of the challenge.

October 24th: 60,000 Pounds in 60 Minutes Challenge

Aiming for 60,000 pounds, move as much weight as possible in one hour. Count each set and rep and at the end of your workout, add up the total of weight moved.

For example, if you did one set of 10 squats at 100 pounds per rep, that would be 1,000 pounds for that set.

The challenge can be done two different ways: high weight with low reps, or low weight with high reps. We opted for the low weight and high rep option. Try to take as little rest between sets as possible.

Watch our video here.

Shout out to Off the Lens Media for putting our video together, and Naughti Yogi Clothing Company for gearing us up!

If you would like more details or tips on the challenge, ask Denver or Ali when you see them at the gym!

Good luck!

October 31st: coming soon

November 7th: coming soon

November 14th: coming soon

November 21st: coming soon

November 28th: coming soon

December 5th: coming soon

December 12th: coming soon

December 19th: coming soon

Winter 2018 Team Challenge

Winter 2018 Team Challenge

Dynafit University (map)

Winter blues getting you down? Are you feeling unmotivated? Well we have the perfect solution…

Join our 2018 winter team challenge! Not only will the challenge help keep you motivated, but you will also get trainer accountability, workout and meal plans, and awesome teams to crush your goals with!


Start date: November 12th, 2018
Duration: 6 weeks long
End date: December 21st, 2018


Members: $125
Non-members: $210
Includes 6 week gym membership


How it Works
- Choose your team leader (Lyn, Cory or Denver)
- Choose your group PT time (see below for options, more will be added if required)
- Attend our weekly PT sessions, follow your program and get results!


*Winning Team will be determined by highest % of weight and inches lost, as well as points for attendance to registered group sessions.*

Team Cory

Group PT options (max 6 per group):

Monday 12:00 PM

Monday 6:00 PM

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Tuesday 12:00 PM

Tuesday 6:00 PM (FULL)


Group PT options (max 6 per group):

Monday 10:00 AM (FULL)

Monday 5:15 PM (FULL)

Monday 7:30 PM (FULL)

Wednesday 6:00 AM (FULL)

If you would like to be added onto the wait list for Team Lyn, please email:!

Team Denver

Group PT options (max 6 per group):

Tuesday 6:00 AM

Tuesday 10:00 AM

Wednesday 12:00 PM

winter 2018 team challenge.png