Here at dynafit we are proud of every person that walks through our doors and we absolutely love to celebrate the successes 


2016 was a tough year so I decided 2017 was going to be my year! My year started off with a not so confident young woman meeting with a personal trainer to now a strong, confident young woman who can't wait to see what my trainer Lyn will challenge me with next. I absolutely love dynafit! The staff is fantastic and the gym has a great atmosphere. Now, my day is not complete until I hit the gym and crush a workout. I wouldn't be where I am today without the help and support of the dfit family! #crushit"

- Ashley


"Hi, my name is Tyson Koopman and I'm 16 years old. I started at dynafit when I was 13. dynafit has not only helped me to reach my fitness goals, but has also inspired me to set new ones. The atmosphere at dynafit is always energetic and staff and people who workout there are very welcoming. I always look forward to coming in and working out. A big thanks goes out to my trainer Cory for getting me to where I need to be on a fitness standard and for always keeping the workouts fun. #noexcuses #dfitlisty"

- Tyson


"What good is a personal trainer?

I was recently asked this question after a training session with Cory George. I thought about the question and my personal experience; I’ve had many successes and plenty of backsliding since 2010 when I joined Dynafit. And, I’ve worked with a number of different trainers. Cory has been working with me since 2015. Cory has seen some of the triumphs and helped me with some of the set-backs but he has been cheering me on through it all. 

When we began working together Cory and I discussed the physical challenges I have with some chronic injuries; what my immediate goals were and what my “best case scenario” would look like. At that time I was using assistive devices and had a noticeable limp when walking. After Chris Kurz explained the workout plan he and my physio therapist had established, Cory took me on as a client. He looked young. Really young. But I’ve only ever felt respect and encouragement from Cory; even when I was down on myself. Cory is always positive, he reminds me that each day is a new day, to look forward to my next goal and acknowledge how far I’ve come. 

My first “real world goal” was to drink a cup of coffee using only my left hand without shaking and spilling the contents all over myself; a small goal. But, I drink a lot of coffee; this was a BIG DEAL to me. Cory treated me with respect and helped me achieve this first small goal. 

But, I had another BIGGER goal. I wanted to be able to attend the Canada Day festivities in Ottawa in 2017 and I wanted to walk. I wanted to do A LOT of walking. When I shared my Ottawa goal with Cory we had a year and a half to work toward the goal, so we discussed a plan. One of the most surreal moments I’ve ever had at the gym was walking on the treadmill and having Cory watch my feet for a solid 15 minutes. But Cory did it (more than once) and with his help, respect and sense of humour, I was able to start the mind-body connection to correct my gait and begin the process of minimizing my limp. We went outside and he observed me walking in a natural setting with each different pair of shoes I own so that we could establish an Ottawa walking strategy. 

I went to Ottawa for Canada Day and, I WALKED EVERYWHERE. It was spectacular. This trip was the culmination of a lifelong dream. I was a 5 year old child when Canada celebrated its Centennial; too young to understand all of the excitement but I felt that energy and I wanted to experience it this time in our nation’s capital. Mission accomplished. When I got home and I shared my experience with Cory and Chris and Mari-Anne they were as thrilled and excited as I was. When I calculated all the walking I did over three days it worked out to 30 kms! 

Yes, but Loretta, isn’t it expensive to have a trainer? That is always a question that comes up and it’s a valid question. I have to budget. I have to plan and yes, I have to make sacrifices. But I can tell you that as far as Value for Money; I have complete satisfaction with the care, the support, the knowledge and commitment I receive from Cory George and the entire Dynafit team.

- Loretta


"The reason I joined Dynafit is that one day I put my Bunker gear on and it didn't fit. It was a 'holy crap I am FAT' moment. I realized I was not setting a good example for my kids or my community as a father or a firefighter. This was not an easy battle for me to lose 50 lbs and I could not have done this with out Dynafit, Coach Jerk Lyn Vietch and the 6am crew who kept me motivated (gotta beat Cathy). Dynafit helped me get on the path of healthy eating and keeping motivated to want to do more and want to be at the gym. Kurzy and everyone of his staff is there with answers and motivation and always a smile with any questions you have." 

- Jason Kregar


"Lyn changed my life the day she walked into my office last fall and said 'Hey you should join my running club'. First reaction was a laugh and then a 'this body don’t run' kinda look. After my husband said I should give it a try, I agreed. Walking into the gym that Tuesday night was one of the most terrifying nights of my life….and thanks to her I have never looked back.

Once I saw changes in my body I knew I wanted to learn more. I attempted the 5km run in October. Although I walked a lot and came in 2nd last, I did run the last kilometer to prove to myself and my family that I could do it.

From there I joined dynafit, the 2nd scariest day of my life. No one a year ago would ever believe that I joined a gym and loved it. Not only was I losing weight and gaining muscle but I was made to feel welcome and encouraged every time I went to the gym. The big boy muscle men are intimidating but I watch them in awe and dream of being able to lift weights like them.

I’ve been a member of dynafit now for 7 months. I love my PT sessions with Lyn. Not only does she push me to try harder and to push myself to that next level but she also lets me call her names and roll my eyes at her…the bigger the eye roll the more I love her.

Not only has Lyn changed my life and how I see myself, but she has changed my family’s lives too. My girls see me bettering myself and want to join me. My husband sees a more confident woman, mother and wife….and he loves the changes of my body. Not so much of my boobs shrinking but everything else firming up. We eat better meals and are more aware of trying to be healthy.

Mind you, there are days I have no desire or ambition to go to the gym, but it does help that I have gym buddies. Everyone at dynafit is so nice and encouraging. I love that everyone says hi when you walk in or when they pass you they say encouraging words.

I am so blessed that Lyn gave me that push last fall to better myself and hasn’t stopped. Not only did I gain a trainer I gained a great friend. And for that I am forever grateful for her and dynafit. A person and a place that has changed me for the best…FOREVER"

- Becki Bell