Vacation....  The thing we all count down the days until. The thing we need to refresh our souls and reconnect with ourselves and the people we love. The thing that causes our members to come back complaining about the things they ate and drank, and the workouts they missed. I often get asked what trainers do while on vacation. Do we workout daily? Do we actually just sit on a beach for a week? Do we try local food thats maybe not on our meal plan? 

Every trainer is different, but this is how I prep for my vacation!

- I always pack a pair of gym shorts, tank, sports bra, runners and a few pair of socks! Go with options that dry quick and wick away sweat! This makes it easy to hand wash and dry for the next day! This goes with me whether I'm going south for a week or Toronto for a night.

-I bring a water bottle that can be held during a run, my headphones, an ID card (it just has all my personal info and if I'm staying at a hotel or resort, I add the name) and my phone.

- most resorts and hotels offer gym facilities, but you never know what you'll find! I always have a few workouts planned that require zero equipment! Body weight and your environment can kick your butt pretty quick when needed!  (for a great body weight workout click here)

- I like to research places before I go... Maybe they have a cool gym/climbing facility/trails to check out! Email a local running club to see what suggestions they have. 

- I make sure I have access to a ton of clean water for drinking. Staying hydrated is key. It will help flush out some of the junk and you won't want to hit the beach bbq every 20mins. 

- I try to pack protein bars. You don't always know what you'll have available to you pre/post workout. Some resorts will help out if you ask. In Samana, the staff would always have eggs hard boiled for me for after a workout (they also joined me to workout on the beach and run)!

- I don't work out to the same degree that I would while at home, but I do try to get a run or workout in every morning and fill my day with activities! Beach volleyball, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, etc. 

- I also don't stick to my meal plan 100%... I try for a healthy, balanced breakfast to fuel me, snacks as needed, a late lunch and then often a bigger dinner. Enjoy the local cuisine and culture. 

- I hardly drink alcohol so that part of vacation is easy for me. But if you do enjoy having a few beverages my suggestion would again be to make sure you're drinking plenty of water and try to limit yourself to only 1 sugary beverage per day.

Allow your vacation workouts to be a thing that refreshes not only your soul, but brings you back with renewed motivation when we welcome your tanned faces back to dynafit! Make memories!!! I've got to run with the most amazing sunrises, watched baby whales breach, run on floating trails, done boot camp with resort staff at 6am on the beach and I love adding to that list!

- Coach Muffin, aka Lyn, founder of #dfitburpeesworldwide