Have you ever wondered what annoys trainers (besides seeing a client who’s working hard mowing down on a Big Mac, or the empty bags of cookies/chocolate bars we find in the garbage)?

Here are a few of the things we wished all members, new and seasoned knew? For some of you this will be a refresher... here are Coach Muffin’s Top 10 Tips to Gym Etiquette/Pet Peeves: 

10. Dirty shoes in the gym. The dirt is hard on equipment, hard on our cleaning staff AND really hard on hands when doing push-ups, planks, etc.

9. Not wiping down equipment. We all sweat. We get that, We appreciate that but we also don’t want to sit in it.

8. Be considerate of other’s space. 

7. Share equipment. No savesies or hogging!

6. Be smart!! Just because you saw something on Instagram, doesn’t mean you should attempt it. Our first aid is all up to date but we don’t love the paperwork that goes along with injuries :)

5. If you get a phone call, take it to the lobby or lounge. It’s really distracting to people around you who are working on crushing goals.

4. If you make a mess in the washroom, clean it up! 

3. Be on time for classes and training sessions. The time of our trainers and fellow members is valuable. Respect that.

2. If you don’t know how something works, ask.  Check the front desk for staff before you interrupt a trainer who is working out (we have limited time to workout, just like you).

1. If you use something, put it away!!! Just like your mama taught you!!!


Most of all, set goals, have fun and push yourself! Above all else, don’t dump the chalk, and if you do, clean it up or prepare for the wrath of Tam.

-Coach Muffin (Lyn)