Your gym membership is not a prison sentence.

One of life's biggest enemies, as well as allies, is perspective. When it comes down to it, mindset is life's biggest predictor of wellness.  You probably know people in your life who seem to “have it all” and are depressed. You can also likely think of someone who has had a rough go, or even considered underprivileged, who is happier than the average. Some millionaires kill themselves, while so many people who just make enough to live comfortably seem to be some of the happiest.

When I look around any gym I’ve ever been too, I’ve seen a lot of people approaching their workouts as if they are a chore. They are working towards seeing a certain number on the scale, or certain numbers on their barbells. While achieving these goals are amazing in their own right, it is the process that is where the lessons and real growth lies. The gym life is more than just getting jacked/lean/in shape, it is about bettering yourself in every way possible. The work ethic and good energy that comes from exercise can, and will, translate into the other areas of your life.

I once came across the idea that to obtain happiness, you must do meaningful things. One of the most meaningful and fulfilling things we can do is help others. Therefor, to deny someone else of their help is to deny them of their happiness. This does not mean we are forced to be selfless, however. I see the gym as a place to help yourself, even therapize yourself. People need to stop looking at the gym as something they are forced to do, but should get excited that they can do something meaningful for themselves.

Something that I am always grateful for is a body that functions the way it should (mostly). That's true with the vast majority of the population as well. The body always feels the best when its moving regularly and getting stronger. So stop looking at your workouts as something that you “have to do” and realize that you’re really doing a favour to yourself and all those around you.

Enjoy the struggle, as that is what life boils down to. Although the beautiful thing about life is we get to decide what our struggle is. So why not make it something that makes us better?

-Coach Denny