1. Maintenance 

Maintaining a certain level of fitness is by far a much easier task than trying to get it back in September.  Just a couple months off of your current routine can make a huge difference in your strength, stamina and overall health.  By continuing your current routine, you're preventing these losses and continuing to make positive gains. 

2. Energy

We all know a good workout can do wonders for your energy levels.  Who wants to feel lazy and sluggish during the most beautiful months of the year? Make the most of your summer by increasing your energy and stamina so you can get out and enjoy this amazing season.

3. Swimsuit season

Pretty self explanatory, but for those who don't know, exercise makes you look better in a bathing suit. Shocking I know! Why in the world would you quit now when you are going to be wearing the least amount of clothing you wear all year for the next few months? Seriously, why?

4. Air conditioning

I know we all have this idea that we only want to be outside during the summer months and we don't want to waste time inside the gym. Unfortunately, in the later summer when temperatures and humidity soar, it becomes unsafe and impossible to exercise outside.  A nice, cool gym environment becomes your place of refuge from the unbearable heat.

5. Freedom to Indulge

Summer is the time of BBQs, camping, parties and holiday trips.  Which, if you are anything like me, means food.  SO MUCH FOOD.  Keep the gym and keep your workouts intact so you can stay on track while still having the freedom to enjoy life (and wine).

If you need some extra help with motivation during these summer months, come talk to one of our staff members about personal training.  Or come check out one of our amazing classes to gain some new like-minded friends, and to gain some serious accountability!