“I wish I liked to run like you!”

Words I hear weekly but can I let you in on a secret? I don’t always love running (or even like it). Sometimes it’s so hard to get started. Other times I’m very grateful I’m not mic-ed up as I run my last few kms of a race! It’d make sailors blush and grandmothers chase me with a bar of soap! Running doesn’t always look like an ad for a certain athletic company. In fact those runs are sometimes few and far between.  Often the weather isn’t perfect, your body aches and your brain is distracted but it’s worth pushing through!

Some tips I find helpful are:

-setting my gear out ahead of time. I feel in control and like I have a plan this way

-making sure my first four songs are ones that pump me up. Often getting through them is enough to flip the script on your mindset

-if music isn’t your thing, find a podcast, motivational speaker, audio book, etc. I’ve been known to listen to Rocky while running a half marathon!

-leave your headphones at home! Listen to your feet and nature. It’s amazing how much we miss on a daily basis because we don’t take the time to notice things

-find some new routes 

-switch up your type of run. Meet with a running coach for ideas 

-if you’re competitive, use races to encourage you. Try beating your own time or someone else. I pick out one person to beat by the end!

-a cramp or stitch can make you want to stop and walk it off. Instead try slowing your music down and bringing the focus back to your breath

-join a group! I suggest looking up “dynafitRUNS” on Facebook!

-acknowledge that some days just aren’t your day. Plain and simple. 

When all else fails, telling yourself to get that a** moving works wonders for me! Happy running all!