A Lifestyle Change That Lasts

Human Nutrition professor Mark Haub only ate Twinkies for 10 weeks to prove a point. His point was that weight loss is strictly determined by calories consumed vs calories burnt. Every three hours he would eat a Twinkie. His caloric intake switched from 2600 to 1800 calories a day. He lost 27lbs in 2 months.

Did he lose weight? Yes. Did he do it the right way? No. Did he gain that weight back? Probably.

Popular fad diets often follow this protocol.Restricting yourself to one food and lowering your calories is almost guaranteed to give you the same weight loss results, but these methods are unsafe and will most definitely result in weight gain once you’ve finished the fad diet. Why spend your life in and out of “yo-yo” dieting, when you can create smart, sustainable lifestyle changes that are good for you?

So,What SHOULD You Do?

Nutrition is something that is always changing, and one glove does not fit all for every individual. However, there are several healthy, sustainable options that could be beneficial to you. To name a few:

·         Paleo,

·         Plant-based whole foods,

·         Keto,

·         Vegan/vegetarian/ovo-pescatarian,

·         Mediterranean,

·         Low-carb/low-fat etc. etc.

The same way you take a car for a test drive to see if its suited for you, there’s nothing wrong with trying different healthy diets to find which is best for you. That doesn’t mean try each one for 3 days and get frustrated when nothing happens. If you’ve been eating the same way for 20+ years, its going to take longer than a week to completely change how you eat and the benefits it has on your body. Do some research, determine what’s best for your body and lifestyle, then make it happen. If at first you don’t succeed, give up and eat a bag of chips. I mean change things up and try again!

Hard work and consistency. These two traits are much more necessary in the kitchen than they are in the gym. Sticking to whatever healthy lifestyle you choose is key for weight loss,teeter tottering between cheat days, healthy eating, and skipped mealsis a recipe for stagnation. It takes time to see results, being patient will help you stay stress-free and focused on sticking to your diet.

Diet & Exercise 80:20

Although nutrition is 80% of the battle, the other 20% is your work in the gym. A combination of both strength training and cardio can be very beneficial in aiding weight loss. Focusing solely on cardio is limiting your weight loss potential and the myth of becoming too “big or bulky” from strength training is strictly a farce. It must also be noted that sleep and water consumption play a very important role in your journey. Sleeping 7-8hrs a night and drinking plenty of water are crucial in living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss journeys can definitely seem overwhelming at times, but the sooner you realize that there’s no quick fix, the sooner you can start putting in consistent hard work, to reach the goals you desire!