Finding Your Motivation in the Pits of the January Blahs..

There is nothing motivating about January.  We all may find a false sense of “motivational security” in our New Years Resolutions, but the month itself is everything BUT motivating.  It is a cold, grey, gloomy, pathetic excuse for a month, and we would all be much happier to just hibernate and wait for better, warmer days.

“I’ll get back to the gym in the Spring”

“It’s just too cold to get to the gym today”

“I can just hide under my sweaters until June”

Sound familiar? Well, time for a hard bit of truth...the decline of your health and fitness doesn’t care that its January.  It doesn’t care that its cold, or snowy. That decline starts now and unfortunately you will feel the hard effects of that decline when you least want it... SUMMER.

So, lets talk ideas to get those motivational juices flowing during this less than motivational time.

1. Make some BIG goals

“I want to get fit” doesn’t cut it. Make some specific goals, set timelines, and be brave! Make goals that will allow you to be your best self, not a mediocre version. Make goals that sound scary, but you know that with hard work and guidance you will achieve them. 

2. Be accountable

A secret goal isn’t super motivating.  You can quietly choose to give up without feeling any sense of failure, because no one else knows.  So I dare you, triple dog in fact, to share your goals with those around you.  Share them with family, friends, coworkers, social media, etc, but especially share them with those who will hold you accountable.  This is where #3 comes in...

3. Make some likeminded friends!!

If you don’t happen to have yourself a circle of fellow goal-driven gym rats, now is the time. These people will go with you to the gym, call you if you don’t show up, push you to the max while you are there, and just generally make the whole journey a fun one. Now I know you are asking, where do I find such friends? If only they made a “tinder” for gym friends. The easiest way (in my opinion) is to join some of our amazing classes.  These classes are full of fun, empowering people, all trying to achieve their goals, and all while having a great time doing it.  

4. Invest in yourself

You know that feeling when you get a super nice new (insert expensive object you would love to get). You invested a good bit of money in this thing so you do whatever you can to protect it.  You clean it, you do the regular maintenance, you spend more money buying stuff to help keep it looking new.  You are so motivated to take care of that object because you spent so much of your hard earned money on it.  So, why are our bodies any different.  Buy the membership, buy the classes, buy the training, and invest in yourself.  By doing so, you will give yourself the motivation to protect and follow through on that investment. 


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