So often people use time as a reason to not workout. There seems to be this idea that you must have at least 60 minutes or there’s no point getting to the gym or working out. I love having the ability to grind out a long workout, but the reality is that isn’t going to happen six days a week for me. I’ve grown to appreciate the work I can squeeze in on those days where I only have 30 minutes in between clients! Those workouts are designed to get my heartrate up quickly and help blow off steam before heading back to work. I’m going to share a few great options to help you if you’re in a time crunch!

If you have an hour lunch break, we offer a 45min nooner class Monday-Friday at Dynafit. We understand that people may need to pop out early depending, but Laura and I promise we can make you work no matter how much time you have!

If you can’t make it to a noon class, here are some other options!

·         Get out for a walk on your breaks. Bring good walking shoes to work and have them available. Stop and add things like squats, lunges, pushups and dips in if you chose. Find a work buddy to join you.

·         Make use of the track at the arena while your kids are on the ice. There’s great space to add in some other exercises as well!

·         See if you have a health and wellness committee at work. Ask about options at work. Is there space to do some yoga?

·         Challenge co-worker’s…Plank offs? Pushup wars? Step challenges? Get creative!

·         Ask a trainer to help you set up a program specifically for time crunch days! They could even be programs designed for time at the arena or at home.

·         Are you one of those parents who’s 15-20mins early at school pickup? Use that time to sneak a walk in!

A few of my 20min workouts look like this:

·         Set a timer to go off every 2minutes. Row 200m and then do 5 burpees. Take the remaining time to catch your breath and then repeat. I promise this won’t make you feel like you slacked on your workout!

·         Find a flight of stairs. Run 3 flights. Do 10 squats and 10 pushups (If you’re working on your pushup game, place your hands on a step to make it easier). Repeat. This is one that can be done at home, the arena, a hotel, work, the gym, etc.

·         Sprints! Find a short distance to run and see how many times you can do it in the time you have. I’m pretty sure this is where I should be apologizing to our friends at VanAllen Insurance for the times I’ve nearly died on your front lawn doing this. If you spot me, just turn me around and send me back to Dynafit😊

·         If weights are more your jam, less reps and heavier weights to target a specific muscle group!

What are you going to do this week to squeeze some activity in? Get creative and inspire those around you!