How to be like Jeremy:                                                      Your typical high school student:

  • Focus                                                                     Lack of true focus

  • Intensity                                                                Doesn’t train close to failure

  • Dedication                                                            Will miss the gym for a party

  • Preparation                                                           No meal prep, workout plan for the day

  • Research                                                               Watches Bradley Martyn for cool content

  • No phone time                                                      Either huge ego or no self efficacy

  • Keeps track of rest time                                       Talks to their buddies for 5 minutes

  • Doesn’t talk during rest time                                See above

  • Asks questions                                                      Doesn’t want the painful truth

  • No ego                                                                  Too much pride to ask questions


Meet Jeremy Scheerer. You’ll probably recognize Jeremy from around the gym, he works front desk and previously co-oped with Dynafit while attending high school. If you have seen Jeremy working out before, you may have noticed the topics this blog will be covering. Today's subject of discussion will be what Jeremy does that everyone else should be doing (especially people his age).



One of the most common issues I see with the young demographic is a lack of focus during their workouts. Phones are the biggest issue. If you are with a friend, conversation quickly becomes an issue as well. Talking to your training buddy while resting isn’t going to hurt anybody; however, when you start to lose track of time and focus it becomes detrimental. Rest periods exist for a reason; they are set to make your workout efficient as possible. If you’re resting too long due to talking, you’re just wasting your own time and not making gains. That being said, lack of focus goes beyond during your rest period. I see lots of younger people (and some older) darting their eyes around and watching other people during their sets. If you are able to notice and pay attention to everything going on around you during your set, you simply aren’t working hard enough. Science shows constantly checking your phone in everyday life can lead to being easily distracted, which may account for the wandering eyes. For the sake of your own workouts, look at your phone as little as you can, you’ll be surprised how much harder you work. There’s a reason The Rock shouts “FOCUS” while he is crushing weights.


Being properly prepared will only help with staying on track and maintaining focus. To continue glorifying Jeremy, he knows exactly what he’s going to do before he even steps foot in the gym. He has a logbook with his next workout already penned in, with quite a few saved pages in his collection. One massive benefit to planning your workouts like this is no time required to be spent trying to figure out what to do next during your workout. If you were to start doing this if you don’t already, BAM, you’re spending less time in the gym and getting better results. One of Jeremy's favorite quotes is “If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail” and his work in the gym reflects that truth. Along with tracking down what exercises he does, he also keeps track of the amount of weight he’s using, reps and sets. This allows him to see what weight he did last week, and increase it accordingly from there. It is such a simple concept, yet people constantly come in and use the same set of dumbells or put the pin in the same spot in the stack and don’t make any progressions. This is how people never see the gains or changes they are after, and eventually become unmotivated and stop coming to the gym. Again, preparing to fail.


Another thing Jeremy exceeds at is creating quality plans. He is constantly researching for new program designs, different exercise ideas, etc. He has even gone as far as to hire myself for a few sessions to gain some new knowledge and perspective, and try something different. Along with that, he often asks questions and for input. I believe a common issue that plagues most males is that they know everything and don’t need help, at least that's what they think. It all comes down to ego. Although Jeremys muscles are huge, his ego is not.  Advantage Jeremy. He’s not afraid to ask for advice and he surrounds himself with fitness professionals, so he’s getting information from reliable sources instead of internet fitness personalities (not to say they always give bad advice - the battle is being able to decipher the good and the bad). Realize that everything said on should not be taken as gospel, and may not even relate to your needs depending on where you are in your fitness journey.


In closing, every young person or anyone struggling to make progress in the gym should pay attention to people who work like Jeremy. I had the owner of the gym, Chris Kurz, proof read this blog. After we discussed these points for a while, Kurzy said “I used to think I worked hard until I watched Jeremy”. If that doesn’t attest to his work ethic, nothing does. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, do some real research, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to work hard!


- Denny