Too many times I hear clients stressing about food choices… “I eat salad all the time but I’m not losing weight”, or “I’m skipping breakfast so I’m lighter for a weigh in”.  Food is a huge part of the journey to a healthier self, but people seem to always want to tie it to a number on the scale. Healthy food choices contribute to an increase in energy levels, healthier organs, improved mood/emotional health, as well as healthier skin and hair. Taking the time to eat healthy often leads to other unexpected benefits too. Things like getting to know the producers who grew your food, more quality time in the kitchen with your families, inviting friends over to share a healthy meal, learning to grow some veggies or herbs and taking time to educate yourself on different foods. It becomes a chance to allow your kids to help create menu plans and try new foods because they were involved with helping chose and prepare it.  These are the things that allow us to live life and not just watch from the sidelines. When we start to think of our food choices as fuel for our bodies, it makes more sense. The healthier choices allow us to build muscle, play harder and be more involved.

This summer, tuck the scale away (or better yet, toss it out the door!), head to your local market (FYI: did you know Listowel has a market on Tuesday afternoons in the Legion parking lot?! Palmerston has a Saturday morning market at the railway museum). Let your kids pick out the produce and get creative at home! BBQ something that doesn’t come from a factory and make memories. Use that fuel to get out for an evening walk, soccer game or bike ride, and let’s celebrate those non-scale victories together!

Happy Summer…Coach Muffin