To gym or not to gym? We've all had those moments were we really don't know if resting or working out would be more beneficial to our bodies.  Well, here is your definitive guide on when it is perfectly okay to "Netflix and chill" instead of hitting the weights:

1. You're sick.  First off, none of us want you there anyways.  No offence.  We love you, but keep your nasty germs away from us.  Secondly, when you are sick, your body craves sleep to heal.  Pushing yourself through a gruelling bootcamp while your entire body is shivering and aching is totally not what your body needs. Exercise (while great for us) stimulates a stress response in the body, which can negatively affect our immune system. 

2. You're hurt.  You tweaked your knee, ankle, shoulder, or other pesky joint on Monday and you are debating pushing yourself through the Tuesday night HIIT class.  Don't. Pushing your injured muscle or joint through a workout may just pro-long the healing time for something that could have been healed up with a few days rest.  Take a few days off, if the injury still hasn't healed, it's time to see your doc.

3. You've been pushing yourself extra hard all week.  Rest days are a necessity to continued success. Overuse injuries happen all the time to people who forget to prioritize their rest day.  In order to continue pushing your body to extremes you need to rest your muscles so they don't burn out. 

4. You're so tired you can't get yourself out of bed. The alarm goes off and you just can't even.  That might be a sign that it's a good morning to soak up some extra z's and skip the gym.  Remember, there is a difference between just not wanting to get out of bed (excuse) and physically not being able to (fatigue). Treat your fatigue with sleep, rather than dragging yourself to the gym and risking injury.

5. I'm so sore.  Did someone lower your toilet seat? Is washing your hair next to impossible.  Maybe it's a good time to switch up your rest day and take it today.  Rest will allow those muscles to recover so you can get the most out of your next workout.  Instead of hitting the gym, a nice walk and a stretch to help loosen and heal those sore muscles could be just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy your rest, and then get back to crushing those goals!