Chiropractic and Massage Therapy clinics are busier than ever. And in most cases, we have ourselves to blame. So many sit for most of their day, and so many of those people do not have proper alignment in their cubicle. This subsequently leads to the daily aches and pains that can plague them and often leads to more serious ailments, even depression in some cases. 

Stand Up desks have been a hit for several years now. Always nice to be able to adjust during the day and go from seated to standing, which ensures less muscle and brain fatigue. I like to be able to go back and forth and not have to adjust. Here are our desks at dynafit.

I have also included a great read from one of my business mentors, and dear friend, Richard Keeso.

As a health advocate, I often look across the ocean to the mindset of the work/life/family balance in Europe. For example, the working conditions in Sweden – shorter work days create a more appealing atmosphere and studies have shown this to lead to increased productivity. Think about this for a second – have you ever felt the pinch of a deadline and worked like crazy to get the task(s) finished, and you met the deadline? Well call me crazy, but isn’t that what ‘work’ should be? Eliminating distractions, saving your Facebook browsing for at home, and your unnecessary water cooler gossip sessions can lead to people getting more work done in a shorter amount of time. Lets put it this way. Have you ever had an event planned where you needed to leave work early? When was the last time you wanted to go to a concert or a sporting event on a traditional work day? Did you book off early? Were you excited about the day as a whole? Did you get all your work done and leave on time to make it to the event you planned and were excited for? Of course you did! You got your work done, and didn’t waste valuable time that made you leave an hour later then you planned.

In Germany, lunch is the big meal of the day. Many workplaces shut down for 2 hours, so people can go home and be with their families. When they return to work, they feel refreshed and ready to work. Siestas are a common tradition among Mediterranean and southern European areas. These are short naps employees indulge in, usually after their midday meal. Haven't we all felt a little sluggish or drowsy after our lunch breaks? Wouldn't we all appreciate a little down time so we can return to work re-energized?  Shouldn’t that be the norm? Here in North America, it seems we run out on our half hour lunch and try to get three errands run, and then if we eat at all, it's on the job. 

In a country that preaches progressive thinking, it is time we start thinking progressively about how our health benefits our workplace. If you are a business owner, perhaps it will be worth utilizing these proven methods to boost productivity and morale of all employees. The proof lies across the pond.

- Kurzy