Today, I read an article that made me cringe.... apparently there is a new fad (primarily in Japan) that is called the Cinderella Diet. Basically, women are doing everything they can to bring themselves down to a weight that makes them have the silhouette of Cinderella- a completely fictional, animation. Ridiculous, right?

That's not the only ridiculous Fad out there.... here's a few more.

1. The Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet consists of eating nothing but cabbage soup for a determined amount of time. I'll tell you something that will happen with this diet.... you'll lose weight, fart a lot, feel bloated, lethargic and cranky. Then, to top it all off, as soon as you start eating real food again you'll gain all of that weight back. Sounds like a good plan, right?

2. The Tapeworm Diet
This is exactly what you think it is. You buy tapeworm eggs, then you ingest them, then you let the tapeworm grow and fester inside of your body. You'll lose weight, feel like crap and open yourself up to a whole bunch of other potentially life-threatening conditions, but... weight loss success!

3. The Lemonade Diet/Master Cleanse
This diet has been around for decades and has tons of variations! Basically, one drinks juiced lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixed in water for several days. You'll shed weight, but it will be all water weight and maybe some muscle mass. Plus, you'll be grumpy and have to pee a lot- that's all diuretics. The even greater part of it.... all your weight will come back on as soon as you start eating solid foods again. Such a great diet choice!

4. The Cookie Diet (are you reading this BG?)
This diet consists of eating a high-protein, high-fibre cookie, usually purchased from a specific company for breakfast, snacks and lunch, followed by a whatever you want for supper. Sounds pretty great, right? Until you realize that for this to actually work you basically have to eat chicken and vegetables every night for supper and battle through the desire for real food all day long.

5. The Werewolf Diet
Basically this diet is based on the lunar phase of each month... there are different variations some which you fast on the day of the new and full moon and some which allow you to eat only specific foods during each phase of the moon. You could lose up to 6 lbs on your fasting days but it's all water weight and really has nothing to do with the moon.

I could go on and on and on but I think you're probably starting to get my point.... most of these diets are pretty extreme and are pretty obviously not good choices. However, there are plenty of other diets out there that are just as restrictive in terms of the calorie consumption, they just allow more foods.

Here's a diet that we've found to be pretty foolproof.... Diary your food. Write it down or use an app. Keeping track of what you ate, the quantity of what you ate and seeing your daily sugar, carbs, fat and protein intake can be pretty eye opening and it definitely will make you more conscious of what you put in your mouth. You'll likely find that grabbing that donut as you walk by the lunch room or grabbing a candy off a co-workers desk is no longer as appealing as it once was because it's kind of a pain to figure out how many calories/sugar/protein/etc was in that handful... and how many did you have, exactly? 

We'll agree healthy eating is HARD! But starving yourself and yo-yo dieting are even harder. If tracking your food means nothing to you because you really have no idea how many calories, how much sugar, etc you should be consuming in a day then enlist the expertise of a professional or start doing research- and when I say research I don't mean reading blogs. I mean reading REAL research or even taking a course/webinar from a reputable nutritionist, dietician or naturopath.

Most of all, if it sounds too good to be true- it probably is!