I think being comfortable is the greatest thing in life. I've never heard someone complain about being in track pants in front of a fireplace, sippin on an extra grande glass of pinot grigio.. In everyday situations, us as human beings enjoy being comfortable with our surroundings. Knowing where you are, who you're with, what you're doing makes us feel at ease. Being knowledgeable gives us that feeling of comfort, the more you know the better you feel! The same thing applies to the gym, the more you know, the more comfortable you will feel with your gym experience. 

There's two ways to gain knowledge; take the time to teach yourself, or pay someone to provide you with that knowledge. 

Taking the time to teach yourself and learning through trial and error can be very rewarding. Some people love the journey and enjoy experimenting on their bodies and finding out what works best for them, but not everyone has the time or energy to do that. Additionally, their is A LOT of information out there in the fitness industry. Finding what works best for you may take you much longer than you expect and not everything you read may be beneficial or come from a reliable source (I.e Pinterest workouts). The fitness industry seems to change almost daily and you may find your quest for knowledge may do the same. If this is the route you wish to take we can aid you with reliable sources and things to avoid to make your journey a little easier! 

If that sounds like a lot of time and effort, then you're other option is paying for knowledge. Our bodies are similar to vehicles, if they break down or need work to make them better you generally take them to a mechanic to solve the problem. Our bodies, like cars, are extremely complex and have many working parts that need to cooperate with one another to avoid injury and stay functioning well. The general population is riddled with previous injuries, nagging pain, poor posture and a life time of bumps and bruises that can be extrapolated once you begin working out improperly. Starting your gym experience with a trainer can provide you with the knowledge to prevent further injury, exercises that are suited for your needs, and give you a program that will make your fitness journey reap the most reward. 

Ahh yes, I guess there is a third option... "Winging it". The members we see come and go the most are the ones that come into the gym and say they'll "just figure it out". These members often stick to what they know (treadmill, a few exercises) and often get bored quickly and don't see results. Starting your fitness journey without knowledge or someone to give you knowledge, sets you up for failure and sets you back the price of a membership. 

So ask questions, learn lots, and you will have a more rewarding fitness experience!