It is so easy to get bored of your playlist so we asked our staff what music motivates them while they workout. 

1. Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
2. Calm Like A Bomb - Rage Against the Machine
3. No Shelter - Rage Against the Machine
4. Cochise - Audioslave
5. Click Click Boom - Saliva
(Just thinking of these songs has me hoppin)

1. I am the Fire - Halestorm
       I'm typically a country girl but my husband introduced me to Halestorm and I'm in Love-            just listening to this song makes me want to go lift weights. "I am the fire, I am burning              brighter, roaring like a storm..."#girlpower
2. Behind the Trenches - Pop Evil
      I was introduced to this band several years ago by a former client (who teased me                      constantly for my country ways). This song really helps to pump me up when I need that             extra pump up to finish out a set" 
3. Amen- Halestorm
     I told you I'm in love with Halestorm... "My grace, my church, my pain, my tears my hurt.." 
4. That's Damn Rock and Roll- Eric Church ft. Lzzy Hale (Live Version)
      The first time I heard this song I added it to my playlist and then he performed it with Lzzy       Hale of Halestorm and I added the new version 5 times so it plays more frequently. The              beat is perfect and the energy of both of these artists shines throughout the entire song.
5.  Are We All We Are - P!nk (or any other of her songs, #girlpower)

1. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly
        I was introduced to this band by Gym Mama and when I thought I couldn't like it anymore,         Tim B started singing along to it at 6am :) It increased his bad ass factor by about 137%.
2. Enter the Sandman covered by Zach Brown Band
           Its my very favourite thing they play live and I love that nobody expects it from a                        country band.
3. Fastest Girl in Town by Miranda Lambert
        Not your average gym song, but my cousin Cyn and I love us some Miranda. When I was           doing my ultra from London to Listowel, I was in the home stretch and struggling. Cyn                pulled up, switched my music, told me to crank to Miranda and she'd see me at the finish.          The irony of this being the first song to play still makes me laugh! I use it to kick me in                 the ass when I'm ready to walk away heading into the home stretch!
4. Heavy is the Head- ZBB
5. Outback-Moonshine Bandits

Top 5 Sickest Tunes to lift your face off to (According to Cory P. George)
1. What I Live For – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard are a great duo to listen to while you work out. They’ve        created a unique sound that is designed for people who love to exercise and need some             extra motivation throughout their workout. Their music will definitely get you pumped!!
2. El Chapo – The Game & Skrillex
     This song is a high intensity hip/hop track mixed with some latin lyrics/vibes. Always works      to get me fired up!
3. Turn Down For What Remix - Upon A Burning Body ft. Ice T
    This song is a heavy metal take on the popular EDM song Turn Down For What. Ice T’s lyrical     addition goes perfectly with the high energy instruments and vocals.
4.Icarus Lives- Periphery
      Also heavy metal with a mixture of singing/screaming, this song never fails to make me              bob my head and jump around a little.
5. Fragile – Tech N9ne
      This beat is smooth and the vocals are even smoother. Not as high energy as the other                songs on the list but for some reason it helps me focus in on the task at hand.

I sometimes like to jog to 80's songs. Why, you ask? because I can sing/huff along and it reminds me of my teenage years! 
1. Hit Me with Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
2. Eye of The Tiger - Survivor
3. Come On Feel The Noise - Slade/Quiet Riot
4. Panama - Van Halen
5. Jump - Van Halen

1. Welcome to New York. -Jay z and Alicia Keys
2.. Knock, Knock - Mac Miller
3. Till I Collapse -Eminem
4. Welcome to My House - Flo Rida
5. Last Chance - Nikki Minaj
All these songs waken me up and me feel alive and good. Like nothing can stop me. I usually sing loud forgetting there's ppl around me. ‎Ha! They all put a lil extra kick into my workouts!

1. Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke
    Go ahead and laugh but this song has the most perfect beat for burpees, and you know I           love me some burpees.
2. Till I collapse- Eminem
     Perfect for the end of a tough workout to help you finish it off strong
3. Bailar- deorro
    Anything with a Latin beat really amps up my energy level
4. Run the World- Beyonce
      I seriously only like working out to this song because of one line... "strong enough to bear           them children, then get back to business," great motivator for all of us postpartum ladies!
5. Sofi needs a ladder- deadmau5
    Great beat to pump you up!!