I often get asked, “Kurzy, have you ever done, or will you do a show?” With my work and life revolving around health and fitness, I have always bit my tongue when people come to me to tell me they have decided to enter a bodybuilding / physique show. I've always felt like they should try it for themselves. I feel the time is now to relay some of the real truths (that I have witnessed) about what is involved, and let the future people that ask me, make the decision for themselves. 

“Doing a show” seems to be more popular then ever. Lots of people are interested, they get excited, they tell their family and friends, and they get to work. Bodybuilding and physique shows are the mecca of health and fitness to the general public. And, as a fitness professional, I am here to tell you, that’s what makes them the general public.

Keep in mind that I have never competed in a show, but I am a gym owner who has spent over 20 years in a gym setting, and have often been confided in during the training process, and who has been privy to the highs and lows that seem to be the majority's experience of those who partake in them. Let me share some insight about what I have witnessed:

Doing these shows is expensive! You have your posing suit. You have a strict diet of food- which in most cases, has the contestant eating more then they have ever eaten in the past- so it is more costly than normal. They hire a trainer with experience in these shows to improve their chances of succeeding. And the more experience they have, and the longer their list of successful clients, the pricier they are (and should be). You are more then likely to stay in a hotel for the weekend... And what most contestants don’t take the time to factor in: their time! Preparing food, training, stretching, sleeping, posing classes – all of this needs to be factored in when you aren’t working to make money, taking time off from work and you are missing out on spending that time with your family/friends.

Your why?! - Often, I hear of people that do it for the wrong reason. This usually stems from a breakup with their spouse and their rational is “I’m gonna show them!” Like eating the same food, meal after meal, day after day, and dehydrating yourself the day of the event is going to impress your ex. Come on.

The Aftermath
What happens when it is over? - What most people aren’t aware of, and what isn’t often publicized, is what happens after the fact. The low self esteem / depression that can set in after a show. For someone to work so hard for something, to train and prepare to look a certain way for a window of 6-10 hours, to then realize that it is unsustainable can put immense pressure and poor thoughts in one’s head. They constantly look back at their competition pics and compare their current self to those photos.

So there you have it. Some of the potential negative elements to consider. Its all about perspective. If you need a goal, and have the self discipline, a show can be very rewarding and help instill confidence that can translate to benefits in many other areas of your life. The choice is yours. If you have questions, please email me at chriskurz21@hotmail.com. If you are convinced you are ready and willing to compete, send me a message. I know some expert coaches that would be happy to work with you.


Thanks for reading. Your’s in health,

Chris Kurz