Are you heading away on a beach vacation but want to feel less guilty about all you eat and drink still want to stay active? If you are like us, you also don't really want to spend time in the gym or think about what to do. We've created a FUN, effective and totally unique beach workout.


Beach Workout
5 minute warm-up (jog, walk, dynamic stretch, yoga, etc)

30 seconds of each exercise, 15 seconds of rest
1. Agility cones (sticks work well) - forward facing cone to cone

2. Agility cones- X/Figure 8 side shuffle

3. Suicide with back pedal

4. Suicides forward running

5. Frog Burpees

6. Bear Crawl

7. Inchworm Twist

8. Crab Dance

9. Switch lunges

10. Moving Skater

11. Squat Walk

12. Mountain Climber

13. Moving Spiderman Push-up or Modified Spiderman Push-up

14. Relax in the water

Repeat if desired!