Tis the season of gift buying for those around us. While gift cards are an easy choice there's just nothing like getting that PERFECT gift! Those perfect gifts that make you smile because you know just how much they're going to love it! Need some ideas for the runners in your life?Coach Muffin's Top 11 (its my lucky number) Gifts for Runners:

11. Rumble Roller (treadmillfactory.ca) This amazing roller helps work out the knots! 

10. Deep Blue muscle rub (doterra.com) This super potent muscle rub is amazing. It not only has a relieving, cooling effect but also helps to reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints.

9. Spi Belt (spibelt.com) This running belt looks small but packs a big punch! Room for a phone, id, a key and a gel. 

8. Jogs to pull on after a race! Once the adrenaline wears off, warm clothes are a must. My very favourite are all-Canadian (polarpiece.com)!

7. iTunes card. New music is a great way to stay motivated through those long runs!

6. A training session with a trainer (dynafit.ca). Use the off season to be stronger and faster and reduce risk of injury!

5. Under Armour Ninja shirt (underarmour.com). This shirt is great for cold weather runs (and you look like a ninja which automatically makes you faster).

4.Running Room's Double Layer socks. These socks will help you say "see ya never" to blisters (runningroom.com)!

3. Running Room's Compression Leg sleeves (runningroom.com). I prefer a sleeve to a full sock just because of the fit.

2. A lacrosse ball... I’ve seriously got these tucked all over the place because they’re portable and so effective for working out knots in the shoulders and glutes especially. A must have in your carry on when travelling. Available at most sporting good stores for around the $5 mark.

1. A Buff (buyabuff.com). This versatile piece of fabric is so much more than a wardrobe stable on Survivor. There’s different fabric options for different weather (an amazing wool for cold weather running). They currently have a Canadiana line which tops my Christmas list (hello plaid).


Now just wait for the smiles as they dig into new gear! Dynafit runners, what would you add to this list?

Coach Muffin