by Cory George

With the recent power outage I noticed a lot of complaints on fb and social media...

"wow 2hrs over supper time"
wish I would have known earlier"
"emergency situation.. Pfft whatever that means"
blah blah blah

Something happens and the general population's first reaction is to complain. So, the power went out for 2hrs...big whoop. Good thing you still had data so you could use FB. Why not be happy that our hydro workers found the emergency problem and only needed 2 hours to fix it instead of 2 days? Last I checked power grids are pretty complex. When faced with adversity we must find a solution rather then dwelling on the problem. Oh the power is out? Perfect time for a family board game night! Read a book (with a flashlight, if it's dark), go for a walk, play hide and seek...GET CREATIVE! 

That being said, the same thing applies with our bodies and how we feel about them. People see something they don’t like about themselves and respond negatively about it. Everybody is self-conscious, we're all our own worst critiques, we all want to improve ourselves, but we must change the way we critique ourselves and the steps that follow. Often times we see something we don’t like about ourselves and verbalize it negatively..”I don’t like my hips”..”I hate the way I feel” etc etc.. Although it is hard to stop that initial thought, we need to make our next thought, “what am I going to do about that?” Well, what are you going to do about it? Sit back and complain? Wait for someone else to do something for you? Ask yourself what you're going to do about it and make a plan! 

Not sure how to make a plan? We at Dynafit can help you set goals, provide nutrition assistance, pair you with a personal trainer or simply just help you out on the treadmill. We have plenty of exercise videos on our social media channels to help you learn some effective exercises as well! Can’t make it into dynafit or don’t have the money? We can still help point you in the right direction in terms of information online or the steps you need to take to get off on the right foot.

Approaching these problems we have with ourselves and developing ways to combat everyday situations is the only way we can grow and get past the negative thought processes. By changing your thought process from "complaint to create" you can get out of your loop of negative thoughts and start making some serious progress!