(of a person, behavior, or process) unchanging in effect over a period of time.

Ahh the summer is here! The sun is out, the beach is calling... and so is all the BBQ foods and drinks. No doubt the summer is the toughest season to get through in terms of fitness, but staying consistent is key. It's easy to be persuaded to leave the gym behind and forget the healthy foods on a long weekend and trips to the beach. Making small, daily decisions will aid you in sticking with your goals throughout the summer. Simple things like choosing a salad at the BBQ over unhealthy hot dogs will keep you on track towards staying as consistent as possible through the summer season. Consistency isn't the act of large lifestyle choices made once or twice a week, its making positive proactive choices daily, ultimately leading to a sustainable healthy life. 

Not getting caught in a vicious cycle of bad habits is hard to do with all the temptations of summer, especially with an event every weekend. Being able to turn those vicious cycles to virtuous cycles will be your gateway to a consistent healthy lifestyle. A vicious cycle is as simple as this; you don't exercise because you're tired --> you're tired all the time because you don't eat healthy -->  You don't eat healthy because you don't have time --> and you don't have time because you're always tired! Having one bad day or a small slip up can be discouraging, but being able to recover and get back on track the next day will be much more rewarding than stepping back into the cycle of being disappointed and eating poorly again. Creating a virtuous cycle is as simple as making small daily decisions; I make time to exercise so I feel good --> I feel good so I make time for meal preparation to eat healthy --> I eat healthy and it makes me feel energized! 

These loops are small and full of very achievable actions. They show just how easy it is to get stuck in a bad rut and get off course, but also how easy it is to feel good through simple steps.