Announcing Our BRAND NEW Lounge, dedicated to the one and only Mr. Harry Lines!

Once upon a time Kurzy had an idea to build a members lounge. He set the plan into motion and shortly thereafter he overheard Harry and his posse say how it'd be cool to have a place to sit down and visit (as they were sitting on our entry way bench, chatting) and he knew that they often would go out for coffee and/or lunch after their visit to dynafit. Based on these facts and our team belief that Harry is the epitome of what our lounge is going to represent, we decided to dedicate the lounge to Harry Lines. Harry understands and exhibits everything that is right with fitness... he knows that you should take your time, do it right, relax and be comfortable in your home away from home.  We're happy to announce that Harry, Sharon, Wayne and Jim have been enjoying the lounge and fully entertaining our staff! We invite you to join Harry and co. in our brand new members lounge.

Features of our lounge include:
Coffee or Tea ($1.50 or 14 for $20)
A microwave to heat up your meal/snack
Bottled Water ($1)
Grab & Go Lunches (varying prices)
Pre-ordered Meals 

Pre-Ordered Healthy Meals, made by our friends at Life's A Party.

Choose Menu A or Menu B (menus change monthly and are as seasonal as possible)
You will get:
5 meals for $50
10 meals for $90
20 meals for $160

More details on this program will be released soon!